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Dee Dee Bridgewater Stands with the People

If she wasn’t a musician, she said, she thinks she’d be a defense attorney. 

'OCD Love,' inspired by spoken word poet, examines mental disability through dance

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can be hard to understand or cope with, and empathizing with a romantic partner who has the disorder can get complicated. But choreographers Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar nevertheless are trying to express empathy in their dance work “OCD Love.”

Pianist and chamber music series veteran Pedja Muzijevic steps out

Pedja Muzijevic started playing piano when he was 9 years old — “relatively late,” according to him.

To leave or not to leave: Navigating the divide between festival's mission and audience expectations

Several Spoleto events this year have seen early audience evacuation.

Two musical Natalia Pavlovas, two destinies

Like any singer, soprano Natalia Pavlova — the Russian soprano making her U.S. debut in Spoleto Festival USA’s production of “Eugene Onegin” — has had to prove herself throughout her entire career. But Pavlova’s situation is a bit trickier than most. 

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Mary Lambert Proves She Doesn’t Need Labels (Literally) In New Crowdfunded EP "BOLD": BUST Interview

Of all the things to adore about Lambert’s new album, what the musician loves most is that she produced half of it herself. 

This Feminist Horror Director Puts People Of Color In The Spotlight

Vera Miao was inspired by a popular Reddit thread to create her short movie series, "Two Sentence Horror Stories."  

The NewsHouse

The Art of the March

The Women's March on Washington was a display of protest art; how this medium will be preserved is likely to change over the next four years. 

"Lives Change Here": How one bridge prompted the Near Westside community to take action

When an impoverished, run-down neighborhood in Syracuse needs improvement, who gets to decide what to do?